New Menu Items

Make room for our NEW Woodhaus Mushroom Pizza (only $14)

Woodhaus mushroom pizza

Roasted Mushroom | Mixed with white, cremini, and shiitake mushrooms. We roast this blend inside our wood-fired oven for a deeper and better rustic flavor. Mozzarella Cheese | We dress it with traditional mozzarella cheese. Soft and extra fresh to achieve that delicious texture you can’t wait to dig your teeth into. Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Gourmet … Read more

Try Our NEW Harvest Salad

Woodhaus Harvest Salad

Try our new Harvest Salad Order Now! Hey there, Yucaipa! Trick or treat your self with our seasonal Harvest Salad — only available here at Woodhaus. This salad mixes fresh green ingredients, featuring all the autumn flavors we love. We are talking about a bowl of delicious hand-chopped Granny Smith Apples. Sprinkled with creamy blue … Read more