Make room for our NEW Woodhaus Mushroom Pizza (only $14)

  • Roasted Mushroom | Mixed with white, cremini, and shiitake mushrooms. We roast this blend inside our wood-fired oven for a deeper and better rustic flavor.
  • Mozzarella Cheese | We dress it with traditional mozzarella cheese. Soft and extra fresh to achieve that delicious texture you can’t wait to dig your teeth into.
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Gourmet EVOO for all foodies. A few drops are more than enough to transform a pizza into a flavorful culinary adventure you can’t get enough of.
  • White Onions | Thinly sliced and perfectly cooked before we add them on to dance with the mushrooms. Delicate white onions never tasted this good.   
  • Oregano | The final seasoning touch. A beloved Italian herb that intensifies the flavors and sweet aroma of your pizza.

A new Woodhaus creation has landed to delight all Yucaipa pizza and mushroom lovers!

This wood-fired pizza is yet another Neapolitan favorite classic. The magic starts with a blend of white, cremini, and shiitake mushrooms. It gets drizzled with EVOO and seasoned with fresh salt and pepper.

This blend is roasted inside our wood-fired oven to bring out that rustic flavor. At the same time, an in-house fermented dough is loaded with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Once ready, the roasted blend is dropped over the cheese, mixed with white onions and oregano as the final toppings. All ready to go back into the oven. 

The result is the best craft artisan pizza Yucaipca has ever tasted!

So come on now, and enjoy a chill afternoon here at Woodhaus. Order the mushroom pizza, and dig in with a drink from our curated craft beer or wine menu!

You can also enjoy our new pizza by ordering it online! Or call (909) 570-9572 for a pick-up or delivery to Uptown Wine Merchant.